First, watch this month’s Brunch & Learn recording:

Your Test Kitchen mission:

  • Identify three questions you think will be of value in building relationships
  • Include any giveaway info if needed (why did they sign-up in the first place?)
  • Write the email and set it up in your system
  • Tell us what you’re going to do differently going forward (Are you going to do twice per month instead of once? Are you going to change the format? What’s going to be different?)
  • Post your results in the Forum under the Email Marketing Topic no later than Monday, October 21st at noon, Pacific.
  • NOTE: If you get stuck or you’d like help from the group brainstorming any of your items, please post them in the Facebook group before the 21st!

For additional review, download the slides and/or the audio.

Links to other tools you might find helpful: