Your Test Kitchen Mission (Due Monday, June 17th)

Part I – Identify your 5 ingredients (Pain/Desire; What Stands in the Way; What’s Possible; Why You; Call to Action):

  • Bullet points for each ingredient
  • Be succinct and specific – try to keep your ingredients to no more than 2 sentences

Part II – Write a Letter to Your Ideal Customer:

  • Use a conversational, friendly tone
  • Use the five ingredients (at least one paragraph for each ingredient)

Post your finished projects to the Forum (see the Community link from the DDR Dashboard) underĀ Copy Writing.

We’ll begin giving feedback on these — one at a time — in the Facebook group on June 17th (I will post one project at a time and facilitate discussion).

You can download the slides here; and the audio here.

Questions? Please leave them in a comment below. Thanks!