Ideal-Client-HeroThe content in this module corresponds to the Ideal Client section of your Biz Story Framework. The videos below run approx 2.5 hours. You can stop and start them as needed.

Your Test Kitchen Mission: The Un-Focus Group

Part I – Spend a week to 10 days researching 5 people on social media (see slides for more details on how to choose the people and what to look for). Use the worksheet below (or some semblance thereof) to capture all your thoughts about these people.

Part II – Analyze your data and look for patterns. Find one or two questions that would help you get better insight on these folks and then go ask them — either individually or as a group.

Download the worksheet for this month’s Test Kitchen mission here. < This is a .docx file. If you can’t use this type of file, you may alternatively use the Google Doc version.

Download the slides from the first video. And theĀ audio-only file here.

For further study, see items posted in our Market Research Forum