The content in this module corresponds to your ENTIRE Biz Story Framework. The videos below run approx 2.5 hours. You can stop and start them as needed.

Your Test Kitchen Mission:

  1. Using your revenue goal for the coming month, plan out and calendar your marketing efforts for that month. (Click here to download my marketing calendar template.)
  2. What is the ideal number of people you need to get in front of in order to reach your goal?
  3. How will you reach them (which channels?) so that you’re in front of them at least 10x over the course of one month?
  4. How will you follow-up with those who look interested but haven’t yet purchased?
  5. What secondary goal do you need to work on most (as a result of this exercise)?
  6. EXTRA CREDIT: Use this new information to write a blog post for your site. Send me the link and I’ll share it all over social media for you.

For additional review, download the slides.