Ideal-Client-HeroThe content in this module corresponds to the Ideal Client section of your Biz Story Framework. The videos below run approx 2.5 hours. You can stop and start them as needed.

Your Test Kitchen mission:

1. Create an Ideal Client Character Sketch that showcases the important things about your Hero:

  • Their back story – how did they get where they are today? What have been their “defining moments”
  • Current motivations – what’s behind their BIG pain or desire? What are they trying to achieve and what keeps them up at night (even if it has nothing to do what you offer).
  • What are the consequences of NOT achieving their goal(s)? (This is the fear behind your protagonist’s BIG pain/desire)
  • What’s their worldview? Their values? – what’s most important to them in terms of what you’re selling? How does that affect the way they think and make a buying decision?
  • Their world and environment – where do they hang out (online and off)? How do they spend their free time? What hobbies or other interests do they have?
  • Who or what stands in their way? – If it’s not a person, create a personified version of this

2. Share your work with a buddy for feedback. Does it make sense to them? Are they fully engaged in whether or not the hero wins?

For additional review, download the slides and/or the audio.


Karen’s Character Sketch:

Listening to Your Ideal Client on Social Media (blog post): (<< This comes from our Market Research module)

Using What You Already Know (blog post):

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