The content in this module corresponds to your entire marketing plan and business. The videos below run approx 6 hours. You can stop and start them as needed.

Your Test Kitchen Mission:

  1. Block out time on your calendar to wear your CEO & Manager Hats. Understand what times you choose & why.
  2. Outline your agendas for those meetings.
  3. Pick ONE piece of your business to systematize this month. This could be related to marketing, sales, customer service, operations…anything you do over and over.
  4. Spend TWO weeks documenting what happens & when with that piece; identify what needs to improve & how you’ll get answers.
  5. EXTRA CREDIT: Use this new information to write a blog post for your site. Send me a link to that post and I’ll share it all over social media for you.

For additional review, download the slides.


Your Test Kitchen Mission:

  1. For three days, record how you’re actually spending your time in your business.
    No cheating! If you find you’re on social media for a couple hours (whoops!), write that down.
    No excuses. Pen and paper work. If you’d prefer a tech way to track, look at or Harvest or Freshbooks (if you’re already using them for invoicing).
  2. With that info in hand, identify one area in your business that could benefit from a more efficient/documented/consistent system. Tell us what that is and explain what your current process is so we can help you figure out efficiencies (if applicable).
  3. EXTRA CREDIT: Create your list of success criteria. Research your options. Be creative! Solutions may include a combination of analog methods, delegation, and modern apps and services.

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For additional review, download the slides: B&L – Salt – Marketing Systems


For further study, see items posted in our Systems Forum.