First, watch the replay here:

Your Test Kitchen Mission:

  1. Brainstorm at least two villains for each quadrant (Internal/External and Conscious/Unconscious).
  2. Pick ONE that would be the best for you to tackle right now.
  3. Create an Avatar for this Villain (with a visual) and describe it fully. Don’t forget the emotions!
  4. Explain why you chose this one as your focus.
  5. EXTRA CREDIT: Use this new information to write a blog post for your site. (I’ll share all blog post links in a round-up/case study post that I do at the end of March.)

Post your answers to the above in the forum under the Villains category (no later than Monday, March 17th at noon, Pacific).

Remember: If you get stuck or you’d like help on something, please post your questions in our Facebook group!

For additional review, download the slides.

Extra Reading:

Copywriting Starter Recipe(Blog post)

How to Avoid Being Killed by Evil Chef Robots (Blog post) <– an example of how you might write a blog post of your own that addresses one of the many villains your prospective clients deal with.