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Your Test Kitchen Mission

  1. Assess your current branding elements to see what might be unclear (see the slides and/or recording above).
  2. Ask for feedback from your clients, audience, colleagues and peers:
    >> What THREE words would you use to describe me?
    >> What ONE EMOTION do you feel when you think about me/my brand?
    >> What ONE QUALITY do you associate most with my business/me?
  3. Pick ONE area of your branding to improve and clarify this month (see Story Framework and/or recording for elements to consider)
  4. Identify what you need (resources, decisions, etc.)  to make that happen. Outline the steps you’ll take.
  5. Take action and report to the group when you post your summary (see deadline below).
  6. EXTRA CREDIT: Use this new information to write a blog post for your site. (I’ll share all blog post links in a round-up/case study post that I do at the end of June.)

Post a summary of your answers to the above in the forum under the Branding category (no later than Tuesday, June 23rd at noon, Pacific). Those who meet this due date will be entered to win a Kindle eReader.

Remember: Use our Facebook group to get as much feedback and brainstorming help as you can.

For additional review, download the slides.

Extra Reading: